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September 2004


That according to www.commoncold.co.uk , there are about 250 variations of rhinoviruses that cause the common cold.  The good news is that once you have had a particular strain, your body builds immunity and you won't ever get that strain again.  The bad news is that you'd have to average about three new strains a year for 70 years to eventually be guaranteed never to get a cold again!

Some basic anatomy

We often hear that so-and-so has "torn a ligament" or "pulled a tendon" or has an "inflamed bursa" (bursitis), but what exactly is the job of tendons, ligaments and bursae?

Tendons are white, glistening, fibrous cords made of collagen and are devoid of elasticity.  They are very sparingly supplied with blood vessels which is why they can be slow to heal when injured.  Their job is primarily to attach the muscles to movable structures eg bones, ligaments, cartilage and to transfer muscular tension to bones.

Ligaments are made of similar tissue, but their job is to attach one bone to another.

A bursa is a fibrous sac filled with fluid, located between adjacent muscles or where a tendon passes over a bone.  Bursae cushion muscles, help tendons slide more easily over joints, and sometimes enhance the mechanical effect of a muscle by modifying the direction in which its tendon pulls.


If you are new to cycling and/or running, or have some experience but are looking for somebody to ride with, then Hammer Gel Team Training could be for you.

It is primarily aimed at those who are just starting out and will be ideal for those wanting to do a Special K or the Aunt Betty's Tri a Tri event too.  At Hammer Gel Team Training, you cannot be too old, too slow or too anything really.  The idea is initially to get together for a one hour ride each Saturday morning (although it will be fortnightly to start), in an environment that isn't intimidating and where you won't be left behind on your own, or have to worry about holding up the group. 

Where: Maraetai Beachfront, opposite The Bach cafť  

The next ride is scheduled for: 7.30am Saturday October 16 is the next time I'll be there, but please continue in my absence J

Who is it for:  Anyone who wants to ride is welcome, but it is especially for beginners or those who havenít ridden much.  Bcause its an out and back based on time, you donít have to worry about being too slow, too embarrassing, or holding anyone up.  You ride at your own pace. 

Where will it go: The first ride will be for about an hour and will head out to Duders Beach and towards Clevedon.  There are landmarks at the 5k, 10k and 15k turn around points, but the plan this time is to just ride for about half an hour and turn back, so it doesnít matter how far you get or how fast you are.  Subsequent rides will depend on what people want Ė suggestions welcome. 

What you need:  a roadworthy bike, helmet, spare tubes and tools to change a puncture (if you canít change a puncture, bring this gear anyway and hopefully someone else will do it for you until we can get you enrolled on a bike maintenance course), mobile phone if you have one, appropriate clothing, money for coffee afterwards and a smile J

Afterwards:  meet for a coffee at The Bach if you wish - and they do a great breakfast.   

You wonít:  melt if it rains 

You can: invite anyone you like to join us 

Any questions: please give me a call or send me a text or email



Makes dry, chapped and brittle skin velvet soft and supple.  Supports and invigorates natural skin functions.

Contains pure essences of pine, rosemary and peppermint, with no chemical preservatives.

This is the same cream that I use in the clinic - it not only looks after your feet, but my hands as well.  Makes a great gift or just treat yourself.

Available at the clinic - $19

The e-ventures www.eventures.co.nz  Manukau City Veterans Cycle Club 3 day cycle tour around the East Cape, was a great fun.  We had 32 riders, who travelled 480 hilly km over the three days, including 180 of them in the pouring rain on day 2.  I'll have photos and a tour report up on the website later this month.

The Waitakere City 11K Fun Run & Half Marathon is on October 10.  It will be starting and finishing at the new Trusts Stadium, and has some great spot prizes on offer.  You'll find more details at www.waitakerehalf.co.nz.

For those looking for something a little shorter, the Sir Barry Curtis 10k run takes place on October 17.  If he doesn't win the next mayoral election, we might find this is the Dick Quax 10k next year J
Details at http://www.coolrunning.co.nz/races/sirbarry/

The now infamous K1/K2 cycle race is being held on Saturday October 30. Not for the faint hearted, it must be the hilliest ride on the calendar.  This year the 200k race starts in Tairua, travelling through Whitianga, Coromandel and Thames, before returning to finish in Tairua.  The 100k option starts in Coromandel and finishes in Tairua.  You'll find the details at www.sportzhub.com/arc/k2

The Adidas Auckland Marathon takes place on Sunday 31 October.  As usual there is also a half marathon and a 10k option, although this year the 10k option won't take runners over the Harbour Bridge.  If you can cope with the 6.30am start in Devonport, its a nice half and don't be scared off by its "hilly" reputation - it isn't that hilly and anyway, hills give the muscles some variety and are often easier on the body than a flat run.  Details at www.aucklandmarathon.co.nz

It is also time to start thinking about dusting off your wetsuit for the Aunt Betty's Triathlon series, with the first race scheduled for November 14.  Read all about this fantastic series of races at www.peoplestri.com

Its also time to be thinking about upping your training for the Round Taupo Cycle Race on November 30.  If you're doing a 40k relay leg and want someone to train with, the Hammer Gel Team Training ride might be of interest - see details above.

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