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July 2003


A 1997 study published in Perceptual and Motor Skills  1997 Feb 84:157-8, found that 52 participants who had their blood pressure measured before and after a 15 minute on-site chair massage had a significant reduction in blood pressure after receiving the massage.  

"Sports massage" really means "real deep stuff" 
 doesn't it???

It seems, almost without fail, that people think that sports massage is really a euphemism for deep massage, and yet often nothing could be farther from the truth. What techniques are used, and the depth worked to depends on a number of factors including where the athlete is in their training programme, their personal preferences, and what we are trying to achieve with the muscles we are working on.

Sports massage is goal orientated - rather than having a focus on massaging for relaxation, I'm thinking about what physiological change I am trying to bring about in  particular muscles.

Sports massage is structured around the athletes programme -techniques and depth will vary depending on where the athlete is within their training programme and what we are trying to achieve.  We certainly don't want to be doing deep work the day before an event. 

Sports massage is sport specific - rather than a "full body" approach, for example I might spend an hour working just on legs and glutes if working with a runner .  

Sports massage is often as much preventative as it is treatment.  Regular massage increases body awareness, and often helps an athlete with early identification of niggles so they can take remedial action before these niggles develop into an injury.

"We have all experienced it no matter what our ability. The agonizing feeling that engulfs our legs when we cross our anaerobic/lactate threshold. It feels as though every muscle fibre is being marinated in a bath of hot chilly sauce and there is only one way to alleviate the pain - decrease intensity. And this means one thing: slowing down. " 

If you are an athlete into the technical stuff and want to know more about lactate threshold and how it impacts on your training efforts, check out Amy's recent article here

Amy Mason BSc Sports Science and Physiology is a sports physiologist with Unisports Centre for Sports Performance Tel 521 1210.

If you regularly use a computer keyboard or grip work tools, chances are your wrist extensors (brachioradialis) will be tight.

Stand with your arms straight and your palms facing each other.  Exhale and rotate your hands and wrists inwards.  For a deeper stretch, flex your hands towards the undersides of your wrists.

From next month I will be offering on-site seated chair massage in the workplace and also here at the clinic.  Chair massage is typically 10-20 minutes per session covering the  neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, and is done with clients fully clothed.  I'll have more on chair massage next month, but in the meantime if you think your workplace might be interested in a chair massage trial, please give me a call.

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