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February 2004


Kilo for kilo, bone is as strong as steel and three times stronger than the same quantity of reinforced concrete.

Massage and Cancer

It is sad that some therapists are still under the mistaken belief that they shouldn't massage clients who have cancer - that massage could cause the cancer to spread.  If a cancer is to become metastic it will do so, massage or no massage.  Increasing lymphatic and cardiovascular flow are two of the physiological effects of massage, and many activities people do in their day to day lives have similar physiological effects.  However, there may be times within the treatment cycle where massage isn't recommended at that specific time - I would recommend that cancer patients discuss massage with their lead health care provider before receiving massage therapy. 

The benefits of massage during cancer can far outweigh any of the remote risks.  Aside from relaxation during a very stressful time, massage can help give the cancer patient some feeling of control, may reduce pain and nausea, and can help with maintaining a positive attitude.

Pro4 Energy Gels

Botany Muscle Therapy now has in stock the PRO4 range of sports nutrition at competitive prices.

PRO4 Gel - a quick long lasting pure energy source in a sachet
PRO4 Energy & Electrolyte Drink - ideal energy source during exercise providing essential carbohydrates and electrolytes
PRO4 Recovery & Repair Drink - take within one hour of exercising to reduce muscle soreness and maximise recovery
PRO4 Energy Bar - providing carbohydrates and energy, they are moist and easy to eat - they even taste great!

Here is another stretch for the lower back.

Kneel on all fours with your toes pointing backward.
Inhale, contract your abdominals, and round your back in a "cat" stretch.
Exhale, relax your abdominals, and return to the "flat back" position.

I had a busy time looking after team ibike at the recent South Pacific Masters Games.  The three day cycle tour was held in Cambridge in fairly windy conditions but fortunately the rain mostly held off.  Del Woodford was our ibiker in yellow after the first stage, before later handing the jersey over to fellow ibiker Jon Bridges.  It looked like Jon was heading for the podium until he had the misfortunate to puncture during the fourth stage.  In spite of team mate Craig Dalton gallantly swapping bikes and Jon riding like ten men on Craigs Avanti, Jon was unable to rejoin the bunch and the yellow jersey was gone.  There was some consolation for Jon when he won the final stage and Del finished with an age group podium place.  

NZ Ironman takes place on March 6   I'll be working in Taupo March 1-8 at the official massage tent on the village green and I am looking forward to seeing the Botany Muscle Therapy clients competing on the day.  

March 18-21 is the four day Twin Coast Mizone Cycle Challenge This event has a limit of 350, and if you haven't entered then you're too late as the event is fully subscribed.  Once again I'm part of the massage team providing post ride massage at the end of each day, and I'll also be support crew for team ibike.

There is another Aunty Betty's Triathlon Series race on March 21 and Sarah Ulmer is hosting a women's only ride, the Bike Day Out on March 28

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