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December 2003


Merry Christmas to everybody, and thank you all for your support throughout the year.  I hope everyone has had an awesome year, and you all have some great plans for the next one.

Instead of sending out the usual Christmas cards or doing token gifts, Botany Muscle Therapy has sent the card/gift budget to the Gisborne Cancer Society, the charity the Manukau City Veterans Cycle Club raised funds for earlier in the year.  It just seemed like the right thing to do.  I trust this is okay with you all J

Botany Muscle Therapy will be closed from 4pm December 24 - 12 January inclusive.  If you wish to make or change a booking during this time, please leave me a message on 021 95 95 95 - I will be clearing messages each day.

A Pain in the Foot

Pain in the arch of your foot or under your heel?  You might have plantar fasciitis. 

The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band that runs along the length of the sole of the foot.  It maintains the arch system and is involved in balance and various phases of gait.  

One of the more classic symptoms of plantar fasciitis is pain which is at its worst in the morning, but improves during the day.  Pain usually subsides after several minutes of walking, but returns with vigorous activity.  

It is generally considered an overuse condition, with contributing factors of training errors (eg rapid increase in time, mileage or intensity; improper surface; insufficient recovery), faulty biomechanics, tight calf muscles, uneven leg length due to tight hip flexor or glute muscles, or worn or unsuitable footwear.

Plantar fasciitis often builds up over time, and early recognition of the danger signs and subsequent implementation of a preventative exercise programme can significantly reduce rehabilitation time. Left untreated, PF can become a chronic condition difficult to resolve.

Treatment usually includes the following:

-Ensuring no tight sheets at the foot of the bed - tight sheets can result in toes being plantar flexed (pointed) which in turns lead to shortening of the calf muscles.
-Wiggle feet and ankles before getting out of bed, and then place feet gently on the floor.
-Rolling the sole of the foot over a golf ball or specially designed foot roller to massage and stretch the plantar fascia.  A plastic bottle of frozen water can also be used as a foot roller.
-Performing foot drills to improve range of movement, balance, flexibility and strength of the foot.
-Twice daily sessions on a wobble board to work the small muscles in the foot.
-Calf stretches.
-Massage therapy.

As with all injuries, it is important to identify and address the underlying causes, otherwise no amount of treatment is going to prevent the injury returning.

If you think you may have plantar fasciitis, see your doctor, physio, podiatrist or massage therapist as early treatment can make a significant difference to recovery time.

Massage Gift Voucher
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Dul-X Cooling Gel
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Available from the clinic until 4pm December 24

Most people know how to do a calf stretch - but what they forget is that there are two calf muscles, and therefore for best results they need to do two different calf stretches.  Always perform these exercises slowly and in a very controlled manner (don't bounce) to avoid causing injury to the archilles.

Stand with your toes and the balls of your feet on the edge of a step.  Rise up on your toes as high as possible and hold for a count of three.  Then slowly lower your heels down below the step until you feel a gentle stretch in your archilles (back of heel) area, hold for a count of three, then return to the starting position.

To work your other calf muscle, you perform the same exercise, but with the knees bent.  Its a little tricky to start with, but persevere and you'll soon get comfortable with it.

Calf raises and drops are the one of the best exercises for treating and preventing calf and archilles injuries and are well worth adding to your post exercise stretching programme.  Gradually work up to 3 sets of 15 daily. 

So you all have lots of notice J, there is a new fee schedule effective February 1 2004.  A 1 hour massage increases to $50, and a 1/2 hour to $30.

You can save $5 per massage off the above prices when you purchase a massage concession card for 5 half or one hour sessions.

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