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April 2003



New clinic hours take effect from 1 May 2003.

Appointments are now available

Monday – Thursday from 9am to 9pm.

If you require appointment times outside these hours, please contact me.


Evening appointments are filling quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Book online at here or

Phone Rachael on 021 95 95 95 or

Leave a message on my home phone 273 7092


Don't forget Mothers Day is Sunday 11 May. 

Some peace and quiet makes a wonderful gift for the busy mother in your life.  

Gift Certificates for a half hour or a one hour relaxation massage can be purchased at the clinic.

What are knots?

Most people have “knots” in their muscles that cause pain. Clients often ask what exactly “knots” are, and how massage can help. 

Knots are usually found in the upper back and shoulder area, caused by things such as posture or old injuries.  They feel like a tight band or a tight, crunchy nodule.  Contrary to what most people believe, they aren’t a build up of toxins.  They are actually muscle fibres that have bonded together and are no longer receiving the full oxygen-carrying blood supply that they need.  These knots can cause problems like headaches, restricted range of movement or referred pain to other areas.

Massage helps to break up the matted muscle fibres or scar tissue.  Then the blood supply will improve through the area, bringing needed nutrients to that part of the muscle.  Knots build up over time, and it may take several sessions to work them out.

Every time you refer 4 new clients to Botany Muscle Therapy who book in for a one hour massage at the regular rate, you’ll receive a gift certificate for a 1 hour massage.  You can either use this certificate yourself, or gift it to a friend.  Just make sure the person you are referring mentions your name when they book their massage and I’ll send you the gift certificate on your 4th referral.

Many people will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.  Try this simple stretch which often helps to alleviate discomfort in the lumbar region. 

Lie on your back and gently pull your left knee toward your chest.  Hold for 20 seconds.  Repeat with the right knee.

A study carried out by massage researcher Tiffany Field et al, and published in the International Journal of Neuroscience Vol 86:3, showed that subjects who received two 15 minute chair massages per week showed increased levels of relaxation, enhanced alertness, increased speed and accuracy on math computations, reduced anxiety levels and lower job stress, compared to the control group who sat in the massage chair for 15 minutes, but received no massage.

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