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About Botany Muscle Therapy

In 1991 a night school course sparked my interest in massage, and over the years I worked on numerous friends and family members.  

In 2002 I formalised my training and experience, and enrolled in a Certificate in Massage with Sports Massage Option, at the New Zealand College of Massage.  I've worked fulltime as a massage therapist since 2003.

I've completed a number of half marathons and half ironman events, and in 2007 finished both Ironman NZ and Ironman Canada.  Iíll be back on the start line for Ironman 2011.    But while cyclists, runners and triathletes are naturally my specialty, I also provide a great relaxation massage for the non-athlete as well.

in the past I have been part of the massage team at New Zealand Ironman, the four day Twin Coast Mizone Cycle Challenge, Rotorua marathon, Round Taupo Cycle Challenge and a number of other cycling and running events. 

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